About Firelight Farm


About Firelight Farm

Firelight Farm is the new name for Luna Hill Heritage Farm. Our website has morphed over the years depending on where we were located and the direction of our farm life. Originally, we were known as “The High Desert Chronicles” and we were documenting our lives as we began to learn skills to transition to a homesteading lifestyle. Our tagline “Simple timeless elegance wrapped in the Spirit of Homesteading” was our original tagline and has remained that way because truly, no matter how many times we may have changed directions or our website name, our tagline represents us fully.


You’ll see photos watermarked with either Luna Hill, Luna Hill Heritage Farm, or The High Desert Chronicles. These are all still us. We still hold most of the same values we had when we first started this journey in 2010. When we created The High Desert Chronicles, we lived in Los Lunas, NM. We were rebuilding our lives after losing everything due to toxic mold. In 2012 we changed our name from The High Desert Chronicles to Luna Hill because we were getting ready to start our business selling our farm products. The name, The High Desert Chronicles, didn’t fit how we were growing. Luna Hill, LLC was created, and we began to turn our property into a thriving farm. We had customers, CSA members, and commercial clients who purchased our duck and chicken eggs, as well as our fresh organic produce.


From 2015 until the end of 2017 life was decidedly hard, as you can read on our Blog. There wasn’t too much written during these times. However, I can tell you it was traumatic, life-altering, and emotionally damaging to Dominic and I. We moved from New Mexico, then to Maine, then Vermont, then onto Virginia, West Virginia, and finally after the east coast had me ill for nearly three years because of my allergies to mold, we returned back to our home state of New Mexico.


We purchased the most amazing property in Mineral Creek about 5 miles from Glenwood, NM and closed on the land, October 2019. We’re on 14 gorgeous acres surrounded by alligator pine, junipers, live oak, sycamore trees, cottonwood, and lots of beautiful wilderness. It’s pure magic!

I thought this would be a great time to pick up where I last left off in our blog. Unfortunately, when I migrated our website from one platform to this current one, most of the photos were lost. I cannot get them back due to losing my original computer’s hard drive which had all my photos stored on it. No, I didn’t back it up. Grrr! Anyway, if you come across a post without any photos or broken links, that’s why.

How to use our website:

Not only will our website be a journal of us as create roots in our new community, but it will also be a guide for those who want to learn new skills.