Last night I finished the stitch work on the second lumbar pillow. With this project now complete, I can begin working on some art to hang above dining room buffet. This weekend we’ll be painting the buffet.

Here are a few photos of each of the pillows:

I’m happy with the outcome. I found a great sectional I’m keeping my eye on. I’m hoping the price comes down on it. It’s currently at a local thrift shop but priced at $200.00. That’s a bit out of our budget at the moment. Dom and I sat on the sectional and it was super comfy, but the color is pink roses, and that’s just a little too fru-fru for my taste. I would definitely reupholster the sectional in a natural linen or soft canvas material. Then it would be perfect for our living room and complement my two chairs beautifully.

I went to the thrift store yesterday and purchased these two botanical prints for the dining room. They were already framed and ready to go home with me. They didn’t break our budget in the least. I got this set for $20.00. A total steal if you ask me!

Here are some of the things left to do in the dining room:

  • Paint the buffet
  • Complete art to hang over buffet
  • Find a budget-friendly 8×10 area rug that will knock my socks off (haha)
  • Add linen curtains and bamboo roman shade
  • Hunt down a large variegated ficus to balance the awkward picture window
  • Eventually, purchase two smaller french crystal chandeliers to replace the one hanging now, and hang the current chandelier in the mudroom. I’m classy like that. Ha
  • Enjoy each and every moment surrounded by beauty and love

The headboard that we got for Simmi’s room turns out to be for a full-sized bed. We have a guest bedroom upstairs and I’ll be refinishing the headboard for that room. To my utter embarrassment, I had no idea there were three bedrooms upstairs. The way the second floor is situated there are two staircases. One that leads to Simmi’s room, and the other leads to our room. In the middle is a connecting room which has complete privacy and two doors. For whatever reason, I never even thought of that space as a bedroom. I just thought it was a walk through room to get to Simmi’s bedroom. Its not. Its a bedroom. So, we’ll be making it into a guest bedroom for our family that comes to visit.

I’ll be on the lookout for a twin headboard for Simmi.