I’m doubtful I’ve ever enjoyed autumn more than at this time in my life. I have always been a huge fan of autumn because it ushers in the long cold days of winter. The change of leaves is thrilling, the smell of the crisp fall air, invigorating.

We’ve been in awe of this particular autumn because for almost 7 years we lived in the high desert where the trees go from green to brown. Okay, there’s a brief window where the leaves *may* turn yellow for a day, but then POOF! its all gone.

The high desert has a beauty all its own, and can only truly be appreciated when you experience it. There are places in New Mexico where the foliage is spectacular, we just didn’t live near an area like that.

Being here in Vermont, however, is breathtaking no matter where you look. 


I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken of the changing leaves. I’ll go out on my deck and snap a photo, and then put it on my computer and be utterly disappointed because it didn’t fully capture the beauty of the light, the shadows, the colors, or feeling.

Why can’t photos capture the way my heart feels when I witness such beauty?

I keep clicking away, but to no avail. But don’t take my word for it, you will just need to come up here to Vermont and take it all in. You won’t be disappointed.

This is Simone’s first real autumn. She has never experienced before now the crisp autumn air and blustery quick winds that shake the golden leaves from their branches, causing them to gracefully fall to the ground. Her reaction to every leaf that flies through the air is, “Oh, hahahaha, look another one is falling.” It never gets old to her. Each leaf seems to do a dance for her, and the delight of the sound of her giggling as the leaves fall sinks into my soul and warms the very core of my being.

If a thousand leaves fall all at once, the riot of laughter that bellows from deep inside Simmi becomes contagious and all one can do is laugh with her.

When we drive through town and leaves are falling and a few hit the windshield, it catches Simmi by surprise as though the leaf purposely flew into the windshield just to get a good look at her. She takes it very personally. Falling leaves bring her joy. Every single one of them.

Each day Simone goes outside to try and find me the perfect leaf. She usually comes back with two baskets full of leaves, all of which are perfect in their own right. She could no sooner pick her favorite leaf, than she could her favorite shade of pink.

To say that Vermont has been good for Simmi would be an understatement. We adore everything about it so far. We hope to make a few new friends this fall so she can share her love of nature with children her age.

I can’t wait until we get her outfitted for winter! There will be no stopping her. She’s growing out of all her clothes and shoes, and soft wool and silk long underwear are in her near future so I can take her on nature walks around our property and down at Quechee State Park.