When Compassion Wanes

When Compassion Wanes

“True benevolence or compassion, extends itself through the whole of existence and sympathizes with the distress of every creature capable of sensation.” -Joseph Addison

There seem to be three distinct camps of people in the year 2020. The first camp is those who feel it’s important to mask up and do the right thing to help keep others safe. The second camp is those who think they’re awake because they refuse to wear a mask and keep ridiculing and shaming those who do wear a mask. The third are those who are indifferent and don’t care either way as long as they can continue to do what they want to do.

Then there are people like me. I don’t fit into any of those camps. I can’t wear a mask because of my lungs and my daughter can’t because of her neurological disorder.

I’m stuck between camps. Almost alone.

We go into stores and we are quite literally the only ones (Simmi and I) not wearing a mask. No one has been rude to us or even looked at us funny as we pass by them. I’m glad for that. But I do have to keep Simmi close to me at all times when we are out and about because inevitably someone will try to approach her and ask HER why she isn’t wearing a mask.

As someone who is not on either side of the political spectrum, and who has very carefully looked at the facts concerning the COVID fiction (not coronavirus, to be clear) I have the unique perspective that what this socially engineered illness has done is to irradicate compassion.

You might believe that those who are wearing a mask are being compassionate to those who might die. You would be absolutely right. But what about compassion towards your own person?

Do we have the courage to have compassion for ourselves? To ask the question, “Is it okay that I have way less oxygen in my lungs and may do great harm to myself and put my family in distress by wearing a mask even though I’m completely healthy?”

Do we have the courage to have compassion for those who need to wear a mask? There are those who may be directed to wear a mask in order to save their own lives. Do you have the courage to ask for help and stay at home during this time so that your immune system isn’t assaulted? Can you ask for help? Or do you feel unsafe asking for help?

Those who believe they are “awake” yet harshly deride those in masks as brainwashed sheep who are still asleep…I have a message for you, YOU are not awake. You are aware. If you were awake, you would have compassion for those in masks who may be living in fear, actually need a mask, or feel empowered by it because they genuinely feel they are helping their fellow human family.

Our compassion as humans is waning. We have been found wanting. We wander around the stores in a sea of faceless people.

Our compassion cannot just be for those who might die from coronavirus. Our compassion must extend to:

  • The mother and father who don’t have the money to feed their children and can’t work or find childcare for their children
  • The single person who is terribly lonely, isolated, and who after they go out must mask, and in doing so cannot see the smile of another human soul. They’re hurting deeply. And it’s not just the single person, it’s married couples, children, whole families who feel lonely.
  • Those who are suicidal because they lost their job because of government interference, feel scared and alone so why bother staying in this harsh world. They matter too!
  • The children and young adults who are forced to endure emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of those closest to them, and they have no one to defend them.
  • The victims of domestic abuse locked in their homes 24/7 with no way out. Add insult to injury by putting a mask on a victim and now they are fully dehumanized.
  • Doctors, nurses, and those who work in medical facilities who have to endure hours upon hours of being in a mask. This is not normal and can be damaging to them.
  • Those who have lost their jobs and are now facing homelessness or eviction. Who have had their utilities shut off even though the “pandemic” seems to be still blazing on.
  • Children, who are the LEAST likely to die from coronavirus are being told to mask up cutting off their oxygen to their developing brains and are being told they must stay away from others. This is a lack of compassion for the nature of a child with a strong immune system. To me, it’s akin to child abuse to put a child in a mask when their own immune systems can handle it. If a child has lung problems or knows the child could die, by all means, please put a mask on them or better yet, keep them home.
  • The huge burden put on “essential workers” in big box stores and other places. There seems to be a lack of compassion for them as well. I’ve watched people get short with them, yell at them for taking too long, etc. These people wear masks from when they start work to when they get off of work. The time it takes for them to complete an order slows considerably when there is less oxygen to the brain.
  • Pregnant women wearing a mask. This should NOT abide unless she herself feels its important to the health and wellbeing of her unborn child. Otherwise, she should be breathing as much oxygen as she needs to oxygenate her blood for her unborn child.

I’ve heard it said that it’s selfish to NOT wear a mask. Then I’ve heard that flipped on its head and it stated that anyone who requires you to wear a mask is the selfish one.

Both are the same. Both shame. Both blame. Both think they know what’s best. Those who are indifferent don’t care either way.

Some believe that the democrats are doing this to get Trump out of office. Others believe that conservatives are trying to kill people by downplaying the virus. Some believe that the medical team, namely Fauci and Birx are here to help and make us better. Others believe that they are evil incarnate. Some think Bill Gates is the answer with his vaccines, others believe that he’s Satan himself.

Here’s what I believe…

We dropped the ball.

I have no idea what is going on on either side of the political spectrum. I cannot know the minds of corrupt politicians on either side of the aisle. What I have seen is politicians using people as pawns and overreaching their power. That much is clear.

I have no idea what Bill Gates or Dr. Fauci are actually thinking. I can follow the money though. And I do see all our human family being used as pawns to further their own agenda. This concerns me greatly.

It doesn’t matter what they are doing. I could care less about them. What I care about are our people. The real people I mentioned. The ones suffering right now as we speak, living in fear.

Do you identify with the fear?

  • Fear of dying
  • Fear of loneliness
  • Fear of not belonging
  • Fear of being different
  • Fear of judgment
  • Fear of illness
  • Fear of change
  • Fear of ridicule
  • Fear of confrontation
  • Fear of government
  • Fear of neighbors
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of being arrested
  • Fear of the police
  • Fear of breathing fresh air
  • Fear of others
  • Fear of job loss
  • Fear of homelessness
  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of having your children taken away
  • Fear of government overreach
  • Fear of vaccines
  • Fear of those who won’t take a vaccine
  • Fear of those who refuse to wear a mask
  • Fear of those who do wear a mask

No matter what you decide…wearing a mask, not wearing a mask, know that I see you and care for you. Know that there is someone in this world that genuinely cares about your wellbeing.

We need to have compassion for one another. We need to see past what we think is the truth and once again humanize others. If you dehumanize your neighbor, friends, family because you think you know the truth and believe they are “asleep” you never bothered to reach out and love them where they were.

I have compassion for that type of aware person too. My hope is that awareness wakes you up to the real suffering that is happening. If not, then you’re no different than the bully in the store screaming at someone for not wearing a mask.

It’s not about the mask. It’s about how we relate to each other. If we choose to relate to those who are different than us regardless of their beliefs it’s the first steps to recapturing our own compassion and breaking down the walls of dehumanization.





Blame and Shame

Blame and Shame

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

It takes courage to be vulnerable and trust. It takes more courage still to trust again after it’s been broken. How do we learn the lessons in life that move us forward to a new and greater reality? How do we continue to have faith in humans who have let us down?

We learn it’s not personal, that’s how.

I’ve heard the saying, “You attract what you are” and I have to say that it’s a faulty sentiment. We don’t attract what we are, we level up when we are willing to tap the unknown and discover new parts of ourselves, revealed when we are emotionally ready for that next phase.

On our insane odyssey over the last five years, we learned a lot about ourselves. We learned that things are never what they seem, and while on the outside things may look promising and encouraging if you don’t pay attention to the words coming out of people’s mouths and the actions that contradict what they are professing, you can get hurt.

Boy, did we get hurt.

These inhuman people who lie out both sides of their mouths are our teachers and prophets. They aren’t prophets in that they tell you the future of your life, but they tell you who they are in very revealing ways. If you end up having to cut ties with these types of people, know that the teaching will continue because it has to. In their books, you are forever the villain, the one that caused so much displacement and discomfort in their lives. They are so disconnected from reality they believe their own story of loss when they did it to themselves. In order to maintain their perceived *reputation,* which, in real life, they don’t have, they must continue to deceive others and so the lessons continue for those new “students” who need to learn what the face of a bottom feeding parasite looks like. They need to learn what it feels like to be prevailed upon.

Some walk away embittered and bewildered, wondering how they could be deceived. The answer is very simple…

Deception is a cooperative act. We need to come to that place where we no longer are willing to be lied to. Only then will we finally move forward in our lives. Self-deception leads to blaming and shaming others. Self-deception is quick to tell you why your life is so miserable. Why you can’t seem to get a break in life. Self-deception tells a wonderous story of intrigue and loss of respect. Its narrative is destruction, but never at the victim’s hand. It’s always that dastardly villain’s fault.

It’s called “Blame and Shame.” They will blame you for things that they refused to be responsible for in their own lives, and then shame you to others to gain sympathy. How do I know this? Because they will always seem to be in good company with others who may also be guilty of the “blame and shame” game.

They can’t help it.

They are our greatest and most wonderous teachers. They teach us each day the following:

-We are responsible for taking care of our children, our families, our animals, not others.

-We are responsible for taking care of our bills and financial obligations, not others.

-We are responsible for our own feelings and actions, not others.

-We are responsible for holding offenders accountable no matter how much they cry and stomp their feet expressing their victim mentality.

-We are responsible for making sure that we do NOT mingle with those who embrace these subhuman parasitic bottom feeders. Yes, they are subhuman because they feed off the goodwill, resources, and innocence of others.

Don’t be dismayed when they come into your life. Just learn the lesson early and bless them to be on their way. You’ll always know them by what they do and some of them are legends in the community if you listen carefully to what might at first be perceived as “gossip.”

Sometimes it’s not gossip. Sometimes it’s a warning! Especially if you have heard MANY such accounts happen to others in your community.

These are the ones who believe they have had the most to sacrifice in service to their communities. They believe they are operating for the greater good all while defrauding others of what is rightfully theirs.

They stink to the high heavens and you can see them coming from a decade away. They make big claims for animals and earth they say they care for, people they say they love, causes for the oppressed, yet not one single thing in their lives shows these things to be true. They profess such things on social media but they are nothing more than whitewashed tombs filled with dead man’s bones.

Bottom feeders. I’m not even talking about grifters and conmen. I’m talking about the restless soul who feeds off the living and in their darkest hours of dread, then pull the “I love all the animals and people of the earth” and smile obscenely as though no one can see their deceptions.

I see you.

I see it with politicians, those in the medical community, some in my own community, those in the world, those in religion. I see what the bottom feeders have done in programing people with fear.

They have consumed many people in this world and turned them to ash.

Will we rise from these ashes? Will we take off the masks and not allow the bottom feeders access to our energy? Will we decide to start thinking critically?

The teachers are at the door. They are knocking. They are blaming and shaming. They are waiting to see if you have more faith in their victimhood than in your God.

Many believe they have “woken up” or “are awake and trying to wake others” but this isn’t true. Knowledge doesn’t wake people up and once you are awake for real, the moral obligation isn’t to wake others up, but to unlearn a lifetime of bad choices and decisions. Waking up isn’t a matter of “I told you so! I’ve been saying it for years…now do you believe me?” This type of thinking is self-serving at best and many who succumb to this type of attitude are among the ranks of those who blame and shame.

I would much rather be the student than the teacher. My education never ends. I will never arrive and I will never attain all there is to know simply because the more we wake up, the more we need to search for the right answers.

Conspiracies happen all the time. The worst conspiracy of all is the one where we conspire to block our ears, cover our eyes, and gag our own voices in an attempt to self deceive and feed off of others instead of feeding ourselves. Blame and shame are always the fruit of such actions.

We are men and women of the living soil. It’s time we start acting like it. If you feel the pangs of being a bottom feeder, there is yet a way forward for you. It’s truth and reconciliation. It happens when we look in the mirror and refuse to be self-deceived. It takes place when we open our eyes and see how beautiful we are. It springs to life when we allow our true voices to be heard not only to others but also to ourselves. It burns like an all-consuming fire when we open our hearts to the understanding that we are all connected and inclusiveness is the key to our humanity.

Will we become human again? To discover the beauty of vulnerability? To wish our teachers the best of luck and then move on? We don’t need to maintain contact with those who may have taught us a hard lesson. But we can love ourselves enough to live in our humanity and arise anew.

We owe it to ourselves to level up. It’s the only way to stop the blame and shame game for good.