Today’s Harvest

I couldn’t fit all the cucumbers onto the scale. Yes I was so lazy I made Noah and his friends go harvest them and I didn’t feel like looking for a large box to weight them in. šŸ˜‰

Below is the last cucumber of the day that wouldn’t fit onto the scale:

Over 20 lbs of cucumbers. LOL I haven’t even weighed the cucumbers Dom brought in the other day.

Our Second Nice Harvest

This morning we picked the first perfect sized Armenian cucumber (the left back light colored fruit). Its about 16 inches long and weighs about one pound. Next to it are all the little cucumbers and other veggies. As of this morning we have so many Armenian cucumbers growing that I’m not sure what we’ll do with them all! LOL We can’t even count all of them, that’s how many we have.

We have yard long beans that are about 6 inches long, a pear tree that is tenaciously persistent in having its own way and will NOT stop setting fruit! I keep picking the blossoms, and out will pop another pear. I clip the baby pears off, and out pops another one. I’m about to let it have its own way because I can’t seem to stop this tree from bearing fruit.

We have pumpkins that are about four inches in diameter and ready to explode with growth, new sunflowers ready to open and say hello, and a mulberry tree that has so many new leaf buds that it will be totally green again in six weeks. I love going out every morning and seeing new buds opening up. On the little mulberry tree, however, nothing is happening…yet. I still hold out for hope that it will be a late bloomer. If not, we will have white Russian mulberry trees to replace it, and in a few years we’ll root some new trees from the large mulberry tree.

Yesterday afternoon I went to Hobby Lobby and thought I was going to buy everything in the store. Thank god I didn’t have a lot of money on me or I would have been in trouble! One of our veggie pictures in the kitchen had fallen off the wall and broke, so I went to Hobby Lobby to get some new frames. While I was there, I picked up material to make Simmi some new dresses, and beads to put into all my crazy dreadlocks. Yes, I have dreadlocks that are out of control! I’ll be taming them this weekend if I have time. They need to be trimmed, primped and cared for. I usually keep my hair back in a ponytail to control the amount of dreadlocks I allow to form, but they just have a mind of their own and form freely. I don’t use any kind of wax, my hair has a natural nappiness to it and will just dread up for me. Anyway, yesterday at the store I got some very nice fresh water pearls and other shiny little bling blings to put in my dreadlocks.

Here are more photos:

This is the first time I ever saw sunflowers with multiple heads. There are so many heads on this one particular plant. Even one of our mammoth sunflowers has a second head growing on it.

The large mulberry tree springing back to life.

Harvesting Broccoli Leaves

About a week ago, I harvested some zucchini, tomatoes, Japanese eggplant, snipped a few broccoli leaves and made a great stir fry. Broccoli leaves taste pretty good and can hold their own in the heat of the pan. This past Thursday I carefully removed almost all the broccoli at the base of the plant. I didn’t want to rip out the roots, so I just cut under the dirt. A few roots were pulled up, but for the most part I was able to keep them in the ground. Anyway, I was pretty excited to bring all these broccoli plants inside to be washed, snipped and laid out to dry. That is…until I started to inspect each plant a little more carefully. I don’t know what I expected! Did I have a silent expectation that every leaf was going to be pristine, unchewed and uninhabited by other little creatures? Yeah, okay, I saw a few holes in some of the leaves, but nothing major…right?

Uhh?! Right! Nope, that wasn’t the case. I thought to my self, “The really chewed ones I’ll just put into the compost…no biggie”, BUT as I began to snip each leaf, I found a multitude of MOTH EGGS! It was like egg city. I thought I was okay washing all the leaves off, picking the best ones, and laying them out to wilt. Of all the broccoli plants I had, there were only a handful of very nice leaves.

Because of the infestation of moth eggs on the rest of the plant, I decided not to even put it into the compost pile. I don’t have a hot pile going right now, so the only thing that would end up happening in our massive compost worm pile, is the eggs hatching, they eat ALL the broccoli, turn into butterflies and eat more of my cabbage. No thank you! Into the garbage it went.

So these broccoli leaves are laying on my counter over night, and each time I come into the kitchen, all I could think about is the massive amounts of eggs I had to wash off the plant. My stomach started to turn. To me it would be like eating something that was maggot infested. Needless to say, I was perturbed by it all.

<——-Do you see ALL the eggs? Some leaves were more riddled with moth eggs than others, but they all had them. That’s all I could think about…moth eggs on my food. Yes I washed them off, and even cleaned them with a very mild soap, (okay I scrubbed them) but I definitely created a mental block around eating these broccoli leaves now! I was so totally grossed out, yet I STILL laid out the leaves to dry and wilt.

As I said earlier, I’d com into the kitchen and look at the broccoli leaves and my stomach would turn. Last night I couldn’t take it any more and I decided to throw them away. Yup, my mental block won this round.

I’ve eaten leaves of lettuce and other veggies that had a few nibbles taken from it, and I really had no problem with that. The moth eggs I DO have a problem with. Maybe someday the mental block will be removed, but as of now, I will not eat anything that was previously infested with bug eggs.