Welcome to Firelight Farm

Simple timeless elegance wrapped in the Spirit of Homesteading

About Dominic

Let’s start with my husband Dominic! What can I say about this incredible man that could possibly do justice to who he really is? I don’t think words could describe how I feel about him, but I’ll give it a bash!

Dominic (Dom) is the most compassionate, loving and joyful man I know. Now, its not just because I’m partial to him as my lover, best friend and soul mate, but he is genuinely everything I’ve ever wanted in a man. He works his ass off, comes home and can make time to do things around the house, spend time with his family and get up and do it all over again.

He has a pioneering spirit, creative soul and a drive to protect us at all costs. I couldn’t ask for more. His pure heart, gentle ways and bright beautiful smile make each day a treasure.

Dom has accomplished much in his 40 years of life, gaining knowledge and creating for himself a very unique skill set which has served his family well. He is an artist who works in oil pastel, a vocalist, poet, dabbles in banjo (not my favorite instrument) and guitar, loves drumming and dancing. He is skilled in natural building, and loves having tools in his hands.

Dom is looking forward to building a large chicken coop, outbuildings, and structures for our other future animals, as well as putting into place more earthworks and water harvesting systems. Also on his agenda is creating a helix wind turbine, ferrocement water cisterns, bio-gas digester, and hot water solar heat.

I truly love my life with him. I am blessed to have such a beautiful, faithful husband and loving father.

About Evangeline

OK, well, since I’m writing about myself, I’ll keep it pretty simple and leave the good stuff up to Dom to write about me.

I am a visionary who believes all things are possible. With a pioneering spirit and the will to forge new future outcomes for myself and family, I write in this space, Firelight Farm, asking questions, making plans, changing our minds, moving forward and standing still.

I am wife to my amazing best friend and lover, mother to five beautiful and soulful children, and definitely a creature of the forest living in the high desert like a fish out of water.

I am an artist and love to do anything creative. From sketching and painting to sculpture. I enjoy designing our home and land and try to be resourceful when it comes to what we need or want.


In the winter of 2016, I discovered that I have a new and emerging passion, coffee roasting. After roasting coffee for Dominic during our odyssey adventure all over the east coast from 2015-2017, I started a coffee roasting company. I feel at times like the coffee bean whisperer roasting it to where I feel it can really shine.

You can read more about Buffalo Mountain Coffee Roasting Company here.

In 2019 we bought a 14-acre beautiful piece of land we call “Idlewild” in the Gila National Forest and decided to set our roots down. My adventure will continue as I learn about this new beautiful place I call home.  

About Simone

Simmi brings so much life into the home each day. Every day is different with her and we never know what to expect from her. She always keeps us guessing. She loves animals, nature, anything and everything Hello Kitty, the color pink, jewelry, little Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy, and colorful unicorns. Her imagination is active 24/7 whether she is asleep or awake and always invites us into her world of make-believe. She is a joyful optimist seeing the best in all people, and has one of the most loving hearts to ever grace this earth. Life would be less colorful and beautiful if she didn’t exist.

Simone was diagnosed at 9 months old with severe life-threatening multiple food allergies, and at 2 years old she was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Global Apraxia. She has made amazing strides in learning how to speak, and thanks to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, author of the GAPS Diet, Simone has learned to communicate and have conversations. We have observed over the last several years that while she was on GAPS, she did best when she was keto-adapted. In the future, we look forward to creating recipes for children and adults who have multiple food allergies AND need to maintain a keto-adapted lifestyle for better neurological function.