It’s been a year since I last wrote on this blog. A lot has happened and we faced a lot of challenges along the way. I took my blog down last year because I felt that since I didn’t have a farm, what’s the point in writing? Farming is my passion, my lifeblood, my everything!

I decided to revive my blog because we are in search of a farm. A new home. A land we can call our own. Originally we embarked on a journey that took us from New Mexico to Maine. We put our house on the market in 2015 and set out to form a partnership at an organic farm in Maine.

That went horrifically sideways!

From there, we headed south to Vermont. We adored Vermont, however, it was difficult to afford living there and we were constantly bombarded with mold. It didn’t matter where we moved, the mold was right there taunting us. We are allergic to different molds. Molds that I’m allergic to, Dom isn’t necessarily allergic to, and vice versa. It affects us each differently. Mold is a regular part of everyday life. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Living on the east coast in more humid conditions, mold is just more active. It doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with the houses we were in. It meant that because of our own personal allergies, we cannot live in those environments. Being in the Southwest provided a dry low humidity environment and gave us a break from active mold spores.

Now we are looking for land again, this time making the long trip back to New Mexico…where we belong.

My blog has always been unapologetically honest and raw. The reason we first began a blog was so that our families could keep up with our crazy life with all its ups and downs. Now that we’re New Mexico bound, it seems only fitting to revive the blog and chronicle our long road back.

We are coming back to NM wiser and cautiously optimistic about our life. We were thrown some pretty terrible screwballs that caused us to question whether humanity was messed up and inherently manipulative and wicked, or beautiful, gentle, and trustworthy. As we have gone through some very difficult hardships, however, we have seen the good in those who would come along side of us and offer a kind word, financial help, or just a thoughtful friendship. I cherish them. They have helped us heal from things that happened to us after we moved to Maine.