Reclaim You Lives Health Summit

Reclaim You Lives Health Summit

In this mixed up Babylonian world (and make no mistake we live in modern Babylonia…it never left or faded from this world), there are voices of reason, of truth, and of life. The fiction that is COVID-19 has run its confusing yet fraudulent reality show and it is time to move forward and chart a new course that is bold, free, and one that supports our sovereignty as men and women of the living soil. There is no new normal, only one that dictators and despots have dreamed up for you. It includes not having the basic right to breathe fresh air. That is NOT the new normal unless you choose to push the snooze button on life for just a bit longer.

I am against this plandemmic and have been from the very first whisper of what it was back in February. This has been an all-out assault on our freedoms. The huge red flags were the fact that they threw out all medical protocols and started proclaiming things that have no basis in the scientific or medical fields. They have lied, lied again, and lied some more. They continue to lie. They keep changing the story. There is no science behind what they are saying OR what they are doing. Wearing a mask is not keeping you or me safe, it is preventing us from relating, from communication, from human contact. It is lowering the rates of oxygen we need to live. Even according to OSHA guidelines (look it up for yourself) no employer should be making anyone wear a mask that causes oxygen levels to fall below 19.5. If you put a mask, cloth covering, or anything else that obstructs the free flow of oxygen, you are putting your life in danger. What’s more, and far more ironic, is that you are putting everyone around you in danger as well if you shame them or bully them into wearing a mask because some unelected official said to do so.

When I see masks on people in stores, and worse, on children, it is tantamount to abuse. Abuse perpetrated by the Health Departments, the Governers, Mayors, and anyone else who has passed down unlawful ordinances and decrees asking everyone to cut off the oxygen flow to their bodies, causing everyone (especially those very active) to become hypoxic.

Breathing is a fundamental basic human right. To cover your face and prevent oxygen from entering our lungs and bloodstream has untold consequences.

The video below is a labor of love, put together by some of the most gifted and passionate men and women out there. They have their hands on the pulse of what is really happening. The video is nearly four hours long, but you can watch and pause it when you need to and come back for more. I’m very proud to be a part of The New Earth Project, and I would encourage everyone to go to their site and sign up. You can join NewEarth University and learn all about the things that you might not find elsewhere. It’s really quite extraordinary.

I’ve also included the white paper report, NewEarth University COVID-19 Intelligence Brief by Thomas J Brown of NewEarth University which is comprehensive and gives all the links to his research on where we REALLY are at this time. If you are done being deceived and lied to and you want the real truth of what’s happening, then watch the video presentation and read the 47-page report.

Lying and deception is a cooperative act. When we choose to no longer be lied to, we open ourselves up to begin to walk in truth and follow through with right action. They’ve done the heavy lifting for you AND provided all the links necessary to do the research as well. These are my kinsmen, my family, my brothers and sisters and I love them all. I’m so blessed that they are in this world, the real world, bringing forth the knowledge that we need at this time in our lives. For many of us, this awakening happened as far back as 2006. At least, for Dom and I, it was that way.

Since that time we have been thrilled to watch others begin to awaken from this dark Babylonian dream state. The best is yet to come!

Click the White paper link below to read the pdf:

NewEarth.University COVID-19 Intelligence Brief