It has been a full two months since our move to Maine, and I can say with certainty that the old adage, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans” applies to our situation.

Eight weeks ago we packed up our belongings in a uhaul trailer, got on the road and began the journey of a lifetime. The excitement and anticipation for our new life was truly palpable and our hearts were filled with joy as we pondered what we could bring to this great new farm venture/partnership.

We were all in agreement that when we arrived, we would learn how the farm operated and it would be a trial run of sorts. We arrived at the farm, got settled in as best we could, and Dom and I began making assessments of the farm. We would have been foolish not to make observations and assessments because we were coming into a turnkey operation and understanding how the farm functioned was important to us.

We shared our observations, thoughts, feelings and began a plan of action believing that this would be the place that we would commit to. From our point of view in understanding a farm partnership, we felt it was important to be transparent in our communication so there were no surprises or misunderstandings.

Our transparency wasn’t much appreciated. As we went through the weeks, tensions built, and we didn’t see eye to eye with our new partners. Is that wrong? Nope, we just saw the future of the farm move in a different direction than what we desired for it. We weren’t in an agreement or in alignment. It was mutually agreed upon that the partnership would not work.

We packed up our things, rented a Uhaul and relocated to Vermont, where Dom is now working as a subcontractor for an amazing company called Geobarns. Our dear friends George (owner of Geobarns) and his wife Susanne blessed us by helping us relocate, set up housing for us, and gave Dom his dream job.

The agrarian life is my calling, while Dom has always been drawn to building and construction. All of this ended up being the biggest surprise blessing, ever!

When we moved to Maine I ordered the dissolution paperwork to end Luna Hill, LLC, but something inside me hesitated and we never signed the paperwork. As it stands, Luna Hill still lives on.

The future of Luna Hill is secure, but since we now have new lives in Vermont this blog may go in a new direction. I will still have a little farm, I just may make Luna Hill a little more broad to include other projects, talk about living in the most gorgeous state imaginable, and share other things that are important to me.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us out on this journey from New Mexico, to Maine, to Vermont. So many hands have helped us, and we wouldn’t be here without all of you. I know some feel funny about being acknowledged publicly, and others enjoy their anonymity…but we can still say thank you!